COVID-19 Health and Safety Training

This training gives you information that will help you protect yourself and others when you return to work.

How long is this training?

  • This Training should take about 1 hour to complete

Do I need a compter to complete this training?

  • The training will work on most computers and smartphones with internet access.
  • You must have working speakers or headphones.
Can I save my progress?
  • Once the training has begun, you must complete the training in one sitting.
  • It is possible to pause the training when you need to take a break, but if you log out or close the browser window you must begin again.
If I am getting paid to take this training. How will my employer know I completed it?
  • You need to register to take the training.
  • Our website is secure.
  • If your employer is paying you to take the training, we will only share your information with them. We will not share your information with anyone else.