The Service Workers Training and Education Partnership (“STEP”) Fund is an ERISA employee benefits plan and 501(c)(3) organization whose goal is to provide training and education benefits to UNITE HERE Local 23 and other union members, their families, and prospective employees of the food service industry.  The STEP Fund seeks to invest in the skills and progress of these eligible workers and their families so that the food service and hospitality industry can thrive.

What We Do

The STEP Fund provides free culinary and language classes for members of UNITE HERE Local 23 and community members who want to build sustainable lives for themselves and their families.  The STEP Fund also provides scholarships and tuition assistance for Local 23 members and members of other participating locals or unions, as well as their eligible dependents.

Job Seekers

STEP offers skills training classes, English language courses, and job placement assistance for prospective employees who are seeking employment in the food service and hospitality industry.

Union Members:

STEP offers classes in ServSafe, Allertrain, Culinary Upskilling, and much more to help union members hone their skills and prepare them to move up the culinary job ladder.

Workplace Skills

STEP offers a variety of classes for union members to improve their workplace skills, from English to computers to customer service.  


STEP offers annual competitive scholarships for biological, adopted, foster, step children, and grandchildren of eligible union members

Tuition Reimbursements

STEP is proud to provide tuition reimbursements for qualifying union members. 

For Employers

STEP supports contributing employers in their goal of providing excellent service to their customers through employing skilled workers. Participating employers can request training tailored to their specific needs.